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Whole House Renovations

When you choose to partner with Select Builders for your construction project, you can be assured that we will provide you with our expert opinion regarding all aspects of your project. We want to ensure that you are making the right decision for your family in regard to choosing between whole house renovation or complete rebuilding.

Our experienced staff will help you choose the right option for your family. As a part of our whole house renovations services, we can provide clients with ideas and approaches for updating your existing home.

Select Builders can transform your existing home’s layout to include reimagined kitchen, bedroom, bathroom additions, assuring that your family has all the room they could ever need.

Renovation vs. Rebuiling

Select Builders convey to each customer thinking about a whole house renovation that sometimes the cost of a renovation or remodel can be equal to or more than tearing down the existing structure and rebuilding from the ground up.

Renovating you existing home can often be a tedious undertaking as you need to ensure that your new renovations can be accomplished with the existing structure. Many renovations can become complicated when unexpected structural or code issues arise, especially in older model homes.

We will assist in evaluating your property and helping to guide you to the most cost-effective decision for making your dream home a reality.

Cost-Effective Decisions

Select Builders seeks to guide our clients to make an informed decision about their construction project as we know that this experience can often be daunting and complex. We will help you evaluate your budget limitations and choose an option that suits both your design and financial needs.

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Select Builders is an experienced design/build construction firm with a century worth of combined experience providing beach custom homes in Eastern Sussex County, Delaware. Our staff is committed to provide personal, yet professional customer service as well as quality craftsmanship and detail-oriented planning of your project. To learn more about Select Builders and their services, please contact us.